The olive oil we produce is exclusively extravirgine.

We still care for our olive trees as our ancestors did, by not using any kind of pesticide that could impair the high quality of the olive oil. The health of our olive trees is maintained by consequently looping the trees, which are up to 300 years old.

The Taggiasca Olives are harvested by hand using poles for knocking the ripe olives off the trees, busying over weeks every family member. The thereby gained Taggiasca Olives are then hand picked before they have to pass the strict quality-control of Pietro Ghiglione. Olives that do not meet his requirements will not be transported to the oil-mill to be processed.

The day of harvest will be determined for every single tree, depending on the ripeness of the olives of that tree. The oil to be produced will be best if the delicate olives are brought to the "frantoio" at once. In the "frantoio" the olives are washed and then ground, an olivepaste is produced. From this paste of olives the olive oil is then gained by one single cold pressing.

Even though the mechanical system that is used nowadays for this process appears modern the principle behind it has remained the same over the past centuries. The freshly pressed olive oil is viscous, golden in color and has a delicate almond-aroma. As with good wine the taste of the olive oil slightly varies from year to year. Its acidity, an indicator for its quality, has been always extremely low, and will be noted on every bottle.

The olive oil we produce is characterized by love and respect towards our country, making it day for day a unique part of our nourishment.